Hot and Cold, Thermal Monitoring

Since the RIMU’s creation I’ve logged two noteworthy data sets along with several that are not yet ripe for sharing. I logged the refrigerator’s internal temperature overnight (using the thermistor) and I logged the oven’s internal temperature for a few minutes while making bread sticks today. The results are more interesting than I might have expected.

The following plot shows the oven temperature as measured with the RIMU’s thermocouple. The set point was 425, which appears not to be reached in steady state. In fact, typical operation shows a swing of about 37 degrees F. Recovery is quite fast, actually. These data were collected with the convection fan off, and the thermocouple near the front of the oven.


The second plot of interest is the refrigerator data, taken with the thermistor located about halfway back, one quarter of the way from the right edge, resting just above the top shelf.


The temperature oscillates locally, after about half an hour of quite the motor runs for about half an hour, creating a three degree local temperature swing. What is bizarre is the nightly decline (shown by the blue line) which measured an average temperature decline from 31 F to 29 F.


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