Revised Raspberry Pi TrueCrypt Benchmark

Revised March 31, 2013 with updated benchmarking approach that uses actual access to the mounted volume. New results show no appreciable sensitivity to hash, which is as expected. The numbers are for encryption only (write). I have not pursued read.

SHA-512 Twofish 2.8
Whirlpool Twofish 2.8
RIPEMD-160 Twofish 2.8
SHA-512 Serpent 2.6
Whirlpool Serpent 2.6
RIPEMD-160 Serpent 2.6
Whirlpool AES 2.1
RIPEMD-160 AES 2.1
SHA-512 AES 2.1
SHA-512 Twofish-Serpent 2.0
Whirlpool Twofish-Serpent 2.0
RIPEMD-160 Twofish-Serpent 1.9
SHA-512 AES-Twofish 1.6
RIPEMD-160 AES-Twofish 1.6
Whirlpool AES-Twofish 1.6
Whirlpool Serpent-AES 1.6
SHA-512 Serpent-AES 1.6
RIPEMD-160 Serpent-AES 1.6
Whirlpool AES-Twofish-Serpent 1.3
Whirlpool Serpent-Twofish-AES 1.3
SHA-512 Serpent-Twofish-AES 1.3
SHA-512 AES-Twofish-Serpent 1.3
RIPEMD-160 Serpent-Twofish-AES 1.3
RIPEMD-160 AES-Twofish-Serpent 1.3

Shell Script for Timing


# Create a file of random elements, needs to be at least 300 bytes
 dd if=/dev/random of=random bs=512 count=1

# Iterate over the hash hash funnctions
 for HASH in RIPEMD-160 SHA-512 Whirlpool
 # Iterate over the available encryption algorithms
 for ENCALG in AES Serpent Twofish AES-Twofish AES-Twofish-Serpent Serpent-AES Serpent-Twofish-AES Twofish-Serpent
 # Write the algorithms to the log
 echo "Algorithms: $HASH $ENCALG" >> log
 # TrueCrypt will report the performance in the output
 truecrypt -c /home/pi/ --filesystem=fat --size=10485760\
 --encryption=$ENCALG -p ppp --random-source=random \
 --hash=$HASH --volume-type=normal --non-interactive
 # Mount the partition
 truecrypt --non-interactive -p ppp -m nokernelcrypto /home/pi/tcvol
 (time  ./timeit) 2>> log
 truecrypt -d /home/pi/tcvol
 # Erase the created file

Timed Routine

dd if=/dev/zero of=tcvol/test bs=5242880 count=1 &> /dev/null


Python Reprocessor

import sys
 fid = open( sys.argv[1], 'r')
 lines = fid.readlines()

tsecs = None
 while len( lines) > 0:
 line = lines.pop(0)
 lls = line.strip()

if lls.startswith( 'Algo'):
 # If we already have a tsecs, then print
 # the last elements
 toks = lls.split()
 if tsecs == None: # first record
 algo = ",".join( toks[1:3])
 print algo,",",tsecs
 algo = ",".join( toks[1:3])
 elif lls.startswith( 'real'):
 toks = lls.split()
 toks = toks[-1].split('m')
 tsecs = float( toks[0])*60 + float( toks[1].replace('s', ''))

print algo,",",tsecs


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